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SA Dental Team’s new leader

AVVRG is delighted to announce the appointment of Dr Greg Miller to the post of Chairman of the SA dental team. Greg is a highly qualified dental practitioner in Adelaide, widely recognised in the profession for the various professional roles he has fulfilled. Greg is...

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Dr Kim Malawkin at Long Tan preschool

In 2012, Dr Kim Malawkin worked with AVVRG dental group at Long Tan primary school. Six years later, in December 2018, Dr Malawkin with two dental assistants – Andie Malawkin and Daniel Fisher -volunteered as part of AVVRG SA Dental Care team providing oral health...

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Volunteering at Tu An Temple

Volunteering at Tu An Temple On 16th July 2018, Dr Wynn Nguyen and Dr Melissa Arbabi, who were representative of the AVVRG, visited Tu An temple which is located in Ba Ria – Vung Tau to provide treatment to more than 150 under privileged children with no regular...

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Photos of the new mobile surgery which is a bus supplied to the Health Department by an oil company. We only pay for the fuel which runs the equipment and air conditioning. We recently provided treatment to children at the Long Hai Centre for the Social Protection of...

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Long Tan Dental Project

In the context of AVVRG’s efforts to contribute to post-war reconstruction in Vietnam, The Long Tan Dental Project had its inception in Paul Murphy’s concerns about the dental health of young Vietnamese children. Money raised by members in WA funded the purchase of...

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I am pleased to report that this project continues to meet all its objectives and the extent of our services has increased. This year there have been visits in January, when I went for my annual trip, April and June to date while further trips are planned for August,...

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