During this period the Mental Health Team has continued to liaise with the PNT University and are currently assisting to review the mental health component of the undergraduate nursing program in line with the Competency Standards for Bachelor of Nursing in Vietnam and the Ministry of Education and Training University Education Framework Curriculum Health Scientific Sector – Nursing.

To assist us in this endeavor we have been invited by Queensland University of Technology to present later in July to eight (8) visiting academics from Vietnam.

Our presentation will discuss mental health in Vietnam and current nursing practice. The focus will be how the teaching of this subject in the undergraduate program can be integrated or connected to the nursing competencies and what an assessment for some of the complex tasks in mental health would look like e.g. developing the therapeutic relationship or completing a risk assessment for suicide.

We will share some of the innovative approaches we utilize in Australia and teaching resources the Vietnamese Nurse Teachers can also access with ease.

The Mental Health Team is also co coordinating our next visit to Chau Duc Hospital in October 2015. This visit will be important from the aspect of the hospital having now moved to new premises with capacity for 200 patients and the subsequent education/training needs of new staff who have been employed.

We look forward to our next visit to Chau Duc to re-acquaint with the staff and to develop new relationships.

The team then plans to attend the Vietnam Nurses Association Conference in Hanoi after the visit to Chau Duc Hospital.

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