NSW Education Team

The Education Team based in NSW has been active since 2007.

Its focus is supporting educational needs in the Ba-Ria Vung Tau Province of Vietnam. We currently help Bong Trang and Long The Vinh primary schools by supplying educational aids, equipment and uniforms to these disadvantaged rural schools. In 2010 we funded a  project to refurbish and reopen the Nui Dat Kindergarten.

Partners and Sponsors

Epping Boys High School

Over the years, the Education Team has formed a very strong partnership with Epping Boys High School who continue to raise significant funds for educational purposes in Vietnam. AVVRG is very appreciative of this ongoing support by the students of Epping Boys High School.

Pimlico State High School Townsville

Pimlico State High School visited Bong Trang Primary School in September 2016 and now sponsor the school. Educational equipment and uniforms have been provided to this needy school.

Long Tan Trek Tours

Dave Sabben’s Long Tan Trek Tours continue to sponsor the Nui Dat Kindergarten from their very successful tours. Read the latest tour brochure for details about these unique tours.

Supporting the needs of local schools

Over several years, the NSW education team has been helping disadvantaged rural schools by providing educational aids, equipment and uniforms. We work with the Union of Friendships Organisation in Vietnam to identify needy projects.

Bong Trang Primary School is in Xuyen Moc district and was identified as a needy school when member David White first visited it in 2016. In September of that year, students and teachers from Pimlico State High School visited Bong Trang and had a great time interacting with the 180 children at the school. On their return to Australia, they made a very generous donation which was used to provide 120 school and sports uniforms and a much needed photocopier. Bong Trang Primary School are very grateful for this practical support and it’s wonderful the difference that can be made by the generous sponsorship of Pimlico State High School.

More recently, we are helping Long The Vinh Primary School. In a visit by members Rob Scott and Dave White in August 2017, a video projector was handed over to the school. We are continuing to support Long The Vinh Primary School.

Lang Dai Primary School was another school we have supported. In 2016, they were provided with several flat screen TVs and an air-conditioner.

In providing this much needed equipment to schools we also support the local economy by purchasing the items from nearby businesses.

Nui Dat Kindergarten Refurbishment

This project was the brainchild of members Kerry Phelan and Mike O’Hara. Funds were raised by the NSW Committee mainly through two very successful dinners held at Parliament House.

The kindergarten was built by a local builder who submitted the successful tender. In so doing AVVRG supports the local economy as well as being assured that the facilities would be completed on time, on budget and in accordance with local standards.

A tendering process in early 2010 was followed by construction between April and August 2010. We are very indebted to Michael Foley and Bruce Mason for ably supervising on site the tendering and construction phases. Epping Boys High School equipped the kindergarten with educational equipment and furniture using fund raised by the students.

The Kindergarten was re-opened at a formal ceremony on 19 Oct 2010 by Ms. Moon, Vice Chairman of the Union of Friendships Organisation and Mr. Graeme Swift, Australian Consul General in Ho Chi Minh City. Also present at the colourful opening ceremony were Kevin Erwin, AVVRG National President,  Kerry Phelan, NSW Committee Chairman, Dennis Wood, Project Manager and a number of AVVRG members.

In June 2014, a number of members, including Kerry Phelan and Mike O’Hara re-visited the kindergarten to see the operation first hand some 4 years after it was re-opened. A plaque was unveiled commemorating all those volunteers who were involved in making the kindergarten a reality.

Sadly the local educational authorities decided to close the kindergarten at the beginning of the school year in September 2017 as a result of a large kindergarten being built in another nearby town in this rapidly developing province. In its seven years of operation it provided long day care (including meals) for 80 3-5 year olds.

As well as providing day care and early childhood education, the kindergarten was a significant local employer thereby making a useful contribution to the local economy.


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