Long Tan Cross

The Long Tan Cross

The Long Tan Cross is one of only two memorials to foreign adversaries that have been permitted by the Vietnamese Government. The site is not on public land and access is restricted by local authorities. Local authorities have appointed the AVVRG as the Australian custodians of the site. This function is undertaken by AVVRG on behalf of all Veterans in agreement with 6RAR – the primary military unit involved in the battle – as well as the Long Tan Veterans Association. The Commonwealth War Grave Commission provide a small annual stipend to AVVRG to assist in the maintenance for the memorial cross.

If planning to visit the Long Tan Cross, the following protocols apply:

  • Local authorities have put a limit of about 20-30 people at the site at any one time however on commemorative days AVVRG is instructed to seek permission for one ceremony only.
  • Permission must be sought 24 hours in advance for veterans and other visitors. For official visits and commemorative days please ensure you contact the AVVRG liaison agent (listed to the right) in advance for registration and timings.
  • Visiting groups on non commemorative days are encouraged to space their visits to the site through the day, to keep within the 20-30 maximum rule. Please ensure you contact the AVVRG liaison agent (listed to the right) to gain permission.
  • Local authorities, because of local sensitivities, have asked no uniforms or decorations be worn, no wreaths and that ceremonies be low key.

AVVRG liaison agent

Unless you are experienced in making your way to the Long Tan Cross site, the AVVRG liaison agent (See details on right)
is recommended to organise your transport details. Do the right thing!

Mr Nguyen Danh Ha
OSC Travel Div
T: +8464 3852008 – 6254007
M: +8498 998 95 97
E: nguyendanhha2009@yahoo.com.vn
02 LeLoi Street, Ward 01,

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