AVVRG Governance


AVVRG is registered with the Office of Fair Trading New South Wales as an Incorporated Not For Profit Association:

  • Registration Number – INC1200360

Registered and Licensed in Vietnam as a NGO with PACCOM:

  • Licence Number – AT 149/UB-HD

Registered with the Australian Business Register:

  • ABN 81 792 883 069

Project Governance

In dealing with the Vietnamese authorities, AVVRG works directly with hospitals and other public organisations and through the Union of Friendships Organisation who support the work of NGOs by liaising with the community Peoples Committee representatives.

All new initiatives start with determining the particular needs of the community or organisation in AVVRG’s areas of interest and expertise. After scoping the project a Memorandum of Understanding with the Peoples Committee is then agreed which outlines the scope and timeframes of the project and the roles and responsibilities. This strong governance model ensures that the project will meet the needs of the Vietnamese and the funds raised have maximum impact and are not wasted.

Articles of Association

The following documents have been made available for members and interested supporters.

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